Monday, November 15, 2010

The Monday Poll

This one is as fresh as today's headlines. Have you been keeping up with the news? Planning on visiting family or friends over the holidays? Can't wait for the leagues to release next year's event dates so you can get your plane tickets in advance. No, Millennium, yours don't count. They need to be dates, not months. And really, April, May & July with nothing after that until October? How 'bout that TSA? (Transportation Security Administration.) I don't know about you but I don't feel safer now that I know we'll all be subject to the naked x-ray or the full body patdown. And when I say all I mean a "random" selection (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) of grandparents and children and hot girls but statistically thin on hijabs, burkas, guys in robes with scraggly beards or those carrying passports from State Department identified terrorist states 'cus, well, that would be profiling and that's just plain wrong. Never mind the gross violation of personal privacy of millions of ordinary citizens.
While bigger than paintball--what isn't?--it is something that will end up affecting lots of people who do play MLP and I'm curious what, if anything, y'all intend to do about it. (Pick as many answers as apply.)

Did'ja know Homeland Security is purchasing 500 mobile naked xray units--for a start. Hey, if it's good enough for the herds at airports how many other places can they be installed for your safety? Malls. Sporting events. Schools.

The Monday Poll in Review
Last week's Monday Poll generated some interest--thanks to all who participated. VFTD wanted to know what you thought of changing the early release date of event layouts. Included in the list of optional answers was do not release the layout at all prior to an event. A policy advocated by VFTD as a cost savings measure. Also included were maintaining the status quo and a series of in-between choices. Surprisingly only 11% voted to keep things the way they are. Perhaps equally surprising only a slightly larger percentage (16%) were ready to halt release of the event layouts completely. The largest voting block clearly favored the most extreme compromise however as 38% voted to release the layout the day before only. That way teams would have more time to plan and prepare but would be unable to actually pre-play the layout. That means that 54% of all votes were in favor of teams not pre-playing event layouts while the remaining votes were divided over how much time should be given for pre-play covering the status quo (11%), 4 weekends (7%), 3 weekends (3%), 2 weekends (7%) & the weekend before the event received 15% of the vote.
It's clear that of those voting an overwhelming majority favored limits on pre-playing a competition layout and the 3 largest voting blocks (equalling 69% of the total) split the difference but still strongly favored very little to no pre-play. Time will tell what MLP thinks.


bruce said...

Over half wanted no pre-playing event layouts? I think you need a demographic check on that data - or not enough robot midgets with machineguns voted.

Anonymous said...

What about "wikileak", those layouts are planned somewhere long before anyway.
Somebody will want their team to win.
Somebody will leak the layout to someone.

bruce said...

Kind of like a sniper in the woods?

Baca Loco said...

Actually Anon
They aren't. In the NPPL each event layout is chosen from a group of submissions from the design committee. So yes, reps of the pro teams see the possible choices in advance but they are generated by event. And somebody could leak them. And all the pros would know in advance.
In the PSP all the fields are generated by one source, reviewed (and sometimes modified by the commish) and chosen singly as each event comes up, usually being released within 24 hours of a decision being made. So while it's possible to leak this one too it would be obvious who was responsible.

Mister Q said...

Thought you readers should see what the image is like !!

Anonymous said...

has the option ever been proposed to make some bunkers on the fields permanant and some that change per event, besides the obvious bunkers that dont move much like corners and home.

Missy Q said...

Not releasing the layout in advance would, for me, make the coaches more important, and enhance their effect on the game. It would also elevate the players with true talent, rather than highlight the ability for pre-programmed kids to do the same move over and over again.
It may also make the game more interesting to watch.

Don Saavedra said...

Since I only ever watch the Pro's when I'm at a PSP Event, I can't speak for any of the lower divisions.

BUT, what I notice is that the best paintball is played at the END of the event, and not the start. There are, of course, several factors for this: the lesser teams have been weeded out and there is more at stake which elevates the play... but not to be discounted is how much experience these teams now have with the layout.

I don't know where the tipping point is. At which point do the teams become overly familiar with the layout and the games start to stagnate... because by the time the teams seem to have a handle on the layout, the event is over and the layout is in the trash.