Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More VFTD Facebook Page(s)

Here's the latest on my efforts to make social networking work for VFTD. I've had the unauthorized Facebook page for VFTD removed since no one came forward. It was obviously not intended to be malicious and I appreciate the effort but since I had no access I've re-done the View From The Deadbox page--not to be confused with my personal Facebook page. (I know, you're thrilled to find all this stuff out. No doubt you're also an avid fan of the Housewives of Orange County and think Lady Gaga is a musical genius.) In the process, which included putting up a link and a like button on the sidebar, the site lost all the previous "likes" so please click it again if you already had and as for the rest of you lazy slackers, click the new button now. Not next time you drop by. Not sometime. Do it now.
That means there's now a personal Facebook page and a View From The Deadbox page active and I invite y'all to check them out, put in a friend request, leave a comment, etc.

Also, a special thanks to Jarmo N. from Helsinki Cyclone for getting the VFTD page started.


sdawg said...

When does the DPA get it's own limited-run jersey?

Don Saavedra said...

I invited anyone remotely connected to paintball on my friend list to join the VFTD Facebook page. Hopefully that bolsters some numbers to the blog itself.

Baca Loco said...

Thanks, Don. Just what VFTD needs, more lazy slackers. No wonder world domination is going so slowly.

When the demand cannot be denied. Never put off until tomorrow what can wait for next week.