Monday, December 13, 2010

The Future?

It's beginning to come into focus. Still hazy and uncertain but I'm getting glimpses here and there. Some belt-tightening sees the PSP through the year but the hoped for gains in an older, self-sufficient demographic don't pan out in the numbers. Even so the league decides to stay the course. The problem wasn't the changes--the problem of too few players pre-existed (right?) The problem was the changes weren't dramatic enough. Off the mark by being too timid. So the PSP makes more changes. They lengthen and widen the fields this time and struggle with how to offer the most paintball for the money. Until it hits them--teams have rosters of at least 10 players--if all the players could play every game ... wow, it's perfect! How's that for value, dear customer? And since the fields are bigger we can add a few more bunkers ...


sdawg said...

Wow, it's like back to the future. Except, how many teams are there out there that can hold together a 10-man roster for an entire season, assuming they can find 10 guys in the first place?

Roba said...

I agree, its typical human being stuff. What once was old is new again. You'll see two things happen, either teams will merge and cut their weaker players. Or teams will simply pick up a few new players(conveniently as there will be plenty who got cut!)

Rauff said...

Hmmm... what happens in PSP for 2011 might give paintball tournament organizers in other countries some ridiculous ideas.

It would be interesting and certainly a bit scary to find out.

Baca Loco said...

I'm being semi-facetious although realistically that's where this new direction leads.

Most Race 2-X teams have at least 10. The PSP tried to reduce their rosters a couple years ago and had to back down. More players makes it cheaper per player.

The other place this new direction leads is a regional rebellion that could open the door for another national promoter.