Monday, December 13, 2010

The Monday Poll

Since this is the season of change, what with the PSP having announced a number of changes and the NPPL having announced at least one change with their move to capped semi-auto. Who knows what could be next? More NPPL changes? The MS unlocks D1? A couple of Saudi princes announce the superpro series to be held in the UAE by invitation only? Okay, probably not that last one. Taking a step back towards reality VFTD wants to know your preferred tournament format. It doesn't matter if you think it won't ever happen. This poll is about what you, in your heart of hearts, really want to play. And to make it more complicated I'ma open it up to multiple answers. Try to limit yourself to your top two (or three) choices and we'll see what happens.

All things being equal I would most like to compete in:

Monday Poll in Review
Nothing of great portent from last week's poll but then there wasn't supposed to be either. More of headcount from paintball's nooks and crannies to see how the readership breaks down, more or less. It was a very solid turnout that proves even lazy slackers can click a mouse when they are sufficiently motivated. The only surprising number (to me) was pro players as I know quite a few and the last time VFTD did this poll there were more then. Or perhaps they were VFTD burnouts or worse, former players this time around. Keep in mind too that each voter was allowed only one vote no matter how many of the options might have applied. At any rate a sincere thanks to all who participated as I found it quite interesting. The numbers broke down as follows; Sales/Occasional walk-ons (0%), Store owner/MLP promoter/Pro player/Gun whore/Event promoter/Scenario player (1%), Coach/Pump player (2%), Team owner/Ex-player/Manufacturer/Series Promoter/Local tourney player (3%), Field owners/Recreational player (5%), Burnout (6%), Works in the industry (8%), Regional tourney player (15%) & National tourney players (26%).


Mike said...

I wouldn't be shocked if they built air conditioned, solar powered, indoor fields in Saudi/UAE. They're made of money. Don't joke about something that is more possible than you think ;)

Anonymous said...

Too bad paintball is the kiss of death to anyone with money. D. Clark & M. Gibb ring a bell?
If they managed to survive that curse they soon regret their expenditures and fade away.

How to make a small fortune in paintball?
A: Start with a larger fortune. Ba dump bump.