Monday, December 6, 2010

The Monday Poll

This week's poll is a repeat. (Settle down and no whining. You never would have remembered it from the first time if I hadn't 'fessed up. And unlike that all-you-can-eat sushi bar that left you feeling queasy and breaking out in a cold sweat this poll will leave you feeling like a proud member of the paintball community. Try it. You'll see.) Periodically, I will continue to repeat this poll as the object this week is to get some idea of where you, the reader (lazy slacker), fits into the big wide world of paintball. Some of you will fit in more than one of the available options but you will only be allowed to pick one. Select the choice that most closely connects with your interest in VFTD.

UPDATE: Whoops! Left a kind of obvious category off the list for this week's poll. Referee. Nothing Freudian about that slip. Nothing at all.

Monday Poll in Review
Was the result of last week's poll a predictable popularity contest? I don't think so. Maybe for the old 'Canes but not these new ones. I'm thinking something closer to name recognition as being the difference maker. The Hurricane name is a well established one even if this Hurricane team isn't. Then again it could be the nearly 200K views for all the episodes of their "Birth of a Storm' documentary--but that would be nearly the same thing as name recognition, wouldn't it? I also got the impression, despite a reasonable number of votes (considering y'all are lazy slackers) that nobody much cared about the result. Or maybe that was just me. The other thing the poll demonstrated was that by and large not only did nobody really care, everybody was nearly equally clueless. Only 3 teams got a double digit percentage with the 'Canes at 30%, LIFT at 17% and French pro team TonTons at 14%. TonTons? Really? All the others except Upton 187 (D2 PSP) were D1 teams in either the PSP or the NPPL. The NPPL reps got the lowest vote totals of all. Best of all, one of the teams listed really is taking a serious look at making the jump to pro.


vijil said...

The Tontons win for having better looking gear than anyone else.

And they DID win D1 at cup.

Anonymous said...

It appears the problem is popularity. If PB success is based on that, than we need to refocus so the general public appreciates the sport, regardless of format.
As for the poll, Baca, take note that coach leads currently, funny how the armchair is not only annoymus but also comfortable. Continue the quest for domination, one step at a time!

Anonymous said...

Pity no option to vote several positions ;)

Jay said...

I agree, I wanted to select more than 1 option.

PatrickTBV said...

Tko is going pro!