Monday, December 20, 2010

The Monday Poll

This week's poll is a query into paintball's impact on your gift-giving and/or gift-receiving plans for this holiday season.

You see, I've been having thoughts. Some might say foolish thoughts. Certainly unconventional thoughts. And I think this week's poll might help me determine just how unconventional my thoughts have become. At least on this particular topic. (The mystery topic doesn't have anything to do with giving or receiving Christmas presents.) [Or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or even Festivus.]

How much is paintball a part of your holiday gifting?

Monday Poll in Review
I suppose I'm to blame for some of these results. After all I did say all things being equal which a number of you interpreted as completely devoid of any attachement with reality. How else to explain the original xball numbers? (I miss it too but I know if the pros played it now it would be a wildly exciting brutal bloodbath--nothing like the CXBL final at Cup--and we can't have that, can we? We can't because nobody can afford the bloody paint bill anymore.) I did find the 7-man numbers intriguing as apparently more people like the idea than actually participated last year. No surprise at the nostalgia vote for 10-man either although I wonder at the 5 & 10-man woodsball numbers. Here in Florida I doubt 7 out 10 active players even know paintball used to be played in the woods. (Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration but not by much.) The other interesting comparison is run-of-the-mill 5-man versus Race 2-2--which tied for least interesting with Millennium style Race 2 Gay. Does that support my contention that the PSP could draw more (new) players with open 5-man? Naw. But it is kinda surprising, isn't it?

Final results: 5-man woodsball (3%), 10-man woodsball (8%), UWL or SPPL style event (7%), original xball (28%), 10-man (17%), 5-man (13%), Race 2-X (4, 5 & 7) (20%), Race 2-X (5, 7 & 9) (18%), Race 2- 2 (2%), 7-man (21%), Millennium Race 2 (2%), Something completely new (12%) & 7-man Race 2- 2 (Best of 3) (15%).


sdawg said...

Please explain what distinguishes the "open 5-man" format.

Is it like the NPPL 7-man format, but with a slightly different point system?

Missy Q said...

I'm giving some Xmas paintball gifts, but only because it's easy, and cheaper than buying gifts retail. Unfortunatly, all the male members of my family now have paintball gear, so I will have to be more creative in the future.
Only one of the people I have given paintball gear to has actually used it (once).

Baca Loco said...

It's from the Final Thoughts post. Open 5-man is defined as having no more than 2 D3 level players on a roster. It would be a catch-all division--cus the last thing the league needs is 2 or 3 more divisions of play--and offered as traditional 5-man would avoid Race 2 coaching rules and the preconceived notions about the competition that may otherwise exist and it targets the unranked not a previosu PSP player the league is looking for. You did read that other post, right? ;-)

Dan said...

Id bet most of the people that voted for old Xball have never even played it. they like the idea of original xball more than they like original xball.