Monday, February 6, 2012

The Monday Poll: Best & Worst

I liked it so much the first time VFTD is doing it again; dueling polls. As before you will get one vote per poll. And this time you're not going to want to miss out on casting your "extra" vote. This week's The Monday Poll dueling poll questions are: What was the BEST off season move in major league paintball? & What was the WORST off season move in major league paintball? And yes, there will be some duplicate options common to both polls. This is gonna be fun. No, really, it will. Consider the possibilities. I'm trying--otherwise the polls will be kind of thin on choices--but with my onset Old Timers I tend to forget stuff too so if something happened (that I forgot about) don't remind me. I mean post it up in comments. Between now and next Sunday don't forget to vote--you'll hate yourself later if you miss this opportunity. And if you don't think your vote matters somebody elected all the fools, morons & charlatans we have in public office.

UPDATE: Have I ever told y'all you suck? Well. y'all don't suck--just a select percentage of lazy slacker non-voting fags. And I mean that in a non-pejorative affectionate sorta no homo way okay? VOTE IN BOTH POLLS, SLACKERS!

UPDATE: I didn't include all the off season players moves simply because the list would be too unmanageable if I had. It doesn't mean I didn't think enough of those moves to include them. Same goes for options that appear in both polls. The object is to have a little fun and see what you people think--not what I think about the assorted off season moves. If you're still annoyed at something I did or didn't do--get over it.


Anonymous said...

A few Russian players on another new team like Heat seems fun to me, a nice mix up in the pro ranks

5 Events in PSP is the one that affects me most in the worst way. Kills my paintball budget for the year

Anonymous said...

nppl not getting upgraded bunkers, however un-intentional created alot of tension and I think it was a good thing to put some pressure on sup air

Tom cole going to psp was good for them while I'm yet to see how nppl will use tony/ how effectively

the two d1 teams moving up is awesome too. were on the road to a semi pro division again

Anonymous said...

Not liking any options, best move is probly nppl, They have made a few big moves to increase revenue and they are armed with knowing what they would need to bring to the table to be the 'dominant' league

worst moves are virtue and sup air reaching into people's pockets through the leageus

Anonymous said...

Raising entry fees is great, but NPPL still doesn't know how to run events.

Baca Loco said...

Anon #2
You do realize the NPPL & Virtue are splitting the profits on supplying mandatory chips, right? :)

Anonymous said...

and the psp wont work the same deal? bad business if they are that dumb.

still I see the best moves coming from the league with a wider customer base (obv thats the gamble they are going for with canadia) added the compettitors play style to their league (in one way or another they gamble it will add some new blood) and have taken the ballsy risk of raising prices up to where their compettitor is, despite being known for lower entry and better divisional prizes in recent history.

all that seems to be the only real 'moves' anyone has made. psp hasn't done anything noteable this year (besides getting screwed by adrenaline?) and all the team shit is simply being over publicized this year (in a good way, hype is a good thing)

Anonymous said...

@last anonymous:

No, it's bad business to force your players to pay $60 for something they don't need so you can make $20. If you need the $20, GOOD business would be to just raise your prices $20. You still get your $20 and your players are only out $20 instead of $60.