Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Supporting Divisional Paintball

In yesterday's Monday Poll in Review section (and at VFTD the Facebook Page) I threw out the possibility that VFTD would make an effort to give more coverage to national divisional competition if some of you lazy slackers would volunteer to help. I am reiterating that offer here for those who couldn't be bothered to read all of yesterday's post. (I know, it was long and after sounding out some of the big words your attention wanders. It's okay.) Since I seldom see any divisional action I need you guys to fill in the details. Report on the action in your division. I will take all the reports and integrate the info into a post-event divisional report; one post for each division, D1-D4 Race 2 X. That would be nearly a full week of divisional paintball talk and provide the basis for y'all to get involved via comments. I will be happy to credit (or not) the content contribution of the volunteers without attributing specifics to any individual. So far we have one volunteer in each division for Galveston. If this is going to work we need more. If you'd like to see your division receive more attention it's time to stop sitting on the sidelines. I'm willing to provide the platform and put in my time too but it won't happen without you. Drop me a line for details.

UPDATE: VFTD has received a pre-season ranking of the D2 teams signed up for Galveston. I will post the list up tomorrow. Consider it a sample of what's possible if you're willing to get involved.


Vic said...

"Will attendance at the 2012 NPPL HB event equal or surpass last year's team count of 133"
this is one of those poorly worded polls that will lead to nothing. You might have just asked : do you hate NPPL?

Here is a better poll:
* I attended the HB last year, but will not attend this year
* I did not attend the HB last year, but will attend this year

This will give some real data. Whats the point of the guessing games ?

Baca Loco said...

Vic, don't be a ...
Do you hate NPPL, Vic?

For starters there's no real data to be collected in an unscientific self-sellected poll. And the question is phrased as is so that anyone, whether they are playing HB or not, can vote--given the readership of VFTD ranges between 60 - 70 countries most months. Beyond that attendance could easily be predicated on a lot of things; some of which I mentioned in the associated post opening the door for comments.
Speaking of the associated post--this isn't it. You wanna bitch at least post it up in the correct comments section.

Vic said...

no need to get personal. I think we can still have a decent conversation without personal insults.

btw, is there a point in this blog if you have a facebook page ?

Your facebook page has 732. Would not a poll on facebook provide you more answers ?

Baca Loco said...

What conversation would that be, Vic?