Monday, February 20, 2012

The Monday Poll

I wasn't going to do it but I can't help myself. The PSP D1 poll was so popular I want to see what will happen if I do a D2 poll. Hey it could be a complete flop or it could prove another big surprise. For those who slavishly follow  all the latest news, rumors & general paintball chatter it's easy to get the impression that a lot of regular tourney players seem to have more of a vested interest in the top am divisions than they do in the pros--not that they aren't interested or follow the pros--just that they feel more connected to the top am players. I don't know if that is inspirational or aspirational or both. I'm not even sure it's true but the interest in last week's poll merits another look. Maybe it's just that nobody else ever bothers to give these divisions a second look.
Pick the podium, one more time--this time for PSP D2. You may choose as many as 3 teams to vote but please limit your vote to 3 choices. (More than 3 votes and you're not helping your favorites reach the top.) Will a chance to vote for D2 teams surprise? Call your friends and neighbors. Here's your chance to make some noise and if it proves anywhere close to as popular as the D1 poll VFTD will give you a regular opportunity to support your favorite divisional teams. Don't just sit there--start voting!

Monday Poll in Review
Gotta say I didn't see that one coming. But it's great to see that much interest and support for the D1 kids. Across the board there was clearly some friendly voting but there was also some name recognition voting that helped separate a few well known names up a few spots. Perhaps more interesting is the lack of votes for some well established teams. The predicted podium finish for the D1 series came out VCK on top (33%) followed by Topgun Union (28%) and Grad Moscow (20%). Not a big surprise but a mild upset with VCK topping Topgun who battled Upton 187 all last season for the top spot. VCK made a big splash at Cup--and probably benefited from a get out the vote campaign. Grad was the top team in D2 last season. Two other top D2 teams also made the move; Distortion (11%) with Static (6%) returning to D1. Interestingly the top four D2 teams all finished within 25 points of each other so it wasn't a runaway for Grad yet they dominated in the poll. The only other team (that will be playing) to break double digits was Sacramento Damage and as a brand spanking new squad probably benefited from the name and their home turf in Cali. None of the rest of the returning D1 pool received strong numbers [except Montreal Mankster but they apparently chose during the poll not to come to Galveston.] Texas Storm led among the rest of the D1 returnees with 9% which was matched by L.I.F.T with RNT (6%), NJJ (5%) & Mayhem (4%). Rounding out the voting were the SD Pirates and Fuzion (teams out of the WCPPL) and new teams Tampa Bay Notorious and Florida Bomb Squad. Notorious has a core of former Fierce players augmented with a couple of ex-pros.
If the majority of teams in Galveston compete throughout the upcoming season it could be one of the most exciting and unpredictable D1 divisions ever. Keep an eye on the match-ups and scores in the prelims. It could be epic. It could be chaos. It might even be epic chaos.

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