Friday, June 15, 2012

Chitown Practice

Outta here around sunrise tomorrow for a quick pre-event run to Chicagoland and a weekend working the layout with Infamous. This time around that means no posts until next Monday as I'm not taking my laptop with me. (All work and no play made Baca a very dull boy a long time ago.) The team has had a day on the layout to familiarize ourselves with it but it becomes truly instructive when and if the opposition brings some real competition to the table. Fortunately Infamous will do that. Unfortunately it turns out we are in the same bracket and play each other Friday afternoon of the event. It complicates things a little bit.
This is the sort of layout we like--if. If we get to do what we want. If we get to do what we want this layout is tailored to our strengths and I'm not in the least concerned about our execution under those circumstances. It is also a layout on which teams can actively (and potentially effectively) deny and contain. It isn't the way we like to play but we will need to be prepared to both counter deny & contain and deny and contain our opponents because there will be matches where our opponents may (and will almost certainly try to) force us into that sort of game. At least I expect there will so we will be as prepared as possible to deal with it.
I guess the point I'm sorta making is that Race 2 against a well matched opponent is often a game of adjustments and if you haven't planned for and practiced those adjustments in advance trying to execute them on the fly when the points count is a very difficult hurdle to overcome. There is a significant difference between knowing what to do and having done it numerous times before.
If you're hanging around the outskirts of Joliet Il this weekend--and who isn't?--or happen to be playing some paintball at CPX feel free to stop by and say hello.

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