Wednesday, June 20, 2012

NPPL All Star Voting Begins

Normally this wouldn't have rated its own post--perhaps a mention in an upcoming 'Not In The Paintball News'--but I noticed a couple of amusing factoids and it's been a slow week. First, in an only from the NPPL comes this statement with regards voting for the league/team All Stars; "The best pro paintballers in the world are going to be teaming up and hitting the field at the upcoming NPPL DC Challenge on August  24th - 26th and you get to pick the teams! That's right, the rosters for the 3rd annual NPPL All Star Game will be partially decided on by you the players!" Did you catch it? First it's 'you get to pick the teams!' and in the very next sentence it's "the rosters ...will be partially decided on by you ..." Classic NPPL. You gotta love it.
And among the candidates listed (what appear to be the team rosters from Chicago) are a couple of misspelled names in the Eastern Conference listing. (I didn't look at the West.) The more egregious is Chad Bueder (according to the NPPL) of Tampa Bay Damage who is actually Chad Busiere. I checked Virtue's ROF-fi site to see if they had it right or wrong and they had it right so I don't know where Bueder came from but it's pretty funny. Gee, I hope his ID card is accurate.
The other thing I noticed is that Legend has at least 3 Infamous guys. Okay, they were Legend before they were Infamous but the point is has the NPPL considered how to handle a prelim match-up between the two teams? It hasn't happened yet--but if it does, then what?
Anyway make sure you drop by the NPPL website and partially vote for your favorite players--or is that vote partially? Now that I think about it I wonder how much the public votes really will count. 50%? More? Less? If we see a bunch of team owners chosen again you'll know your vote didn't count for much. Vote early, vote often, it probably doesn't much matter.

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