Thursday, June 21, 2012

PSP Chicago: Travel Day

What's there to say? You pack, go to the airport, collect your boarding pass, get groped because we're all terrorists now and eventually wedged into an airplane like a cattle car in the sky and off to your event destination--or at least the nearest airport to your destination--where you rent a car (SUV, minivan, van) at a confiscatory daily rate and drive off to the venue (or hotel depending on the time of day.) Not very exciting but there you go. And in about 90 minutes there I go--off to Chitown.
Mostly this post is an excuse to toss in a few odds & ends--yes, just like in 'Not In The Paintball News' but I didn't want to do another one so soon. First I wanted to thank the latest recruits to the Deadbox Puppet Army--Sakari Koskinen, Josh Cumberland, Forca PSI & Trokla--and remind the growing DPA cadre to remain vigilant. The day is coming. World domination is just around the corner. Thanks too for all the new Facebook likes and friend requests. Apparently the MS announcement hit a nerve with more than a few of you. And if you missed it I announced yesterday on VFTD--the Facebook page--that TBD would no longer be representing GI Montreal in the Millennium's CPL. While news to the paintball public it wasn't news to either our sponsor or the league.

[EDIT ADDED: Baca taken to woodshed over VFTD-FB remarks. See follow-up for apology and link to official team statement.]

I will try to post daily updates from the tournament over the weekend but no promises. Meanwhile get your fix starting tomorrow morning with the webcast via PBAccess and lots of updates from the kids at Social. I'm also considering using the Chicago event and layout to do some post-event instruction posts.
Finally a reminder and encouragement to any and all divisional participants who would like to review their divisional results post-Chicago VFTD will be happy to post them. So don't wuss out, get 'er done.


Anonymous said...

You might want to contact me first before posting your thoughts regarding Legend, you have no clue as to what's going on. This is my problem with you....

Looks like the PSP has treated you well in Chicago so far... now what?

Baca Loco said...