Monday, March 25, 2013

2013 HB

Just a couple of quick observations on the upcoming NPPL season opener. I've already posted this one on VFTD--FB but I'ma repost it here 'cus the "problem" remains. Remember when the NPPL decided to go with the PSP bunker set plus some giant cans? Yeah, not that long ago. Well they also announced reduced field dimensions and that's where the "problem" resides. The new field length is supposed to be 170' but the HB layout is the old standard of 180'. Maybe it's just me but that seems to kinda undermine their efforts at being more universally accessible.
For the first time ever the NPPL has begun listing both registered teams and teams that have paid their entry so we now have an accurate list of competing teams prior to the event. (When I say 'accurate' I mean that loosely, like we were discussing the veracity of government statistics.) Capacity is listed at 141 teams and there are currently 95 paid. There's only a few days left to get those entries in but it wouldn't surprise me if the total was in the 110 team ballpark.
And then there were the prize packages. Have you taken a close look at the numbers? From D2 down the totals add up correctly. Not so much in Semi-pro (D1) or Pro. The D1 total is listed as $7000. $3000 for first, $2500 for second and $1000 for third. Go on. Do the math. $6500. But the Pro numbers are even better. $25000 total prize package. $15000 for first, $8000 for second and $4000 for third. Which adds up to a grand total of er, $27000. So who gets the haircut when the actual checks are cut?

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