Friday, March 8, 2013

Special Friday Edition: The Monday Poll

The pro brackets are out! If you missed them see them over at PBA (Paintball Access) the live webcast provider for the PSP--and tons of in-depth and insider pro info. But you already knew that. This will also be an abbreviated poll, running from today through next Wednesday, as pro matches will begin next Thursday. So what is the poll you want to know? Easy, pick the Sunday Six & the first Five Challengers in two, count 'em, two polls! Remember when you're picking your Sunday Six it will be the top two teams in each bracket so check those brackets out before you make up your mind. And it gets even trickier in the second poll picking the first Five Challengers. It's the bottom team in each bracket (5th seed by bracket) and two of the three 4th seeds; 10th, 11th & 12th place. But which two? 11th will play 12th with the loser relegated. Then the winner of the 11th and 12th match-up plays 10th and the loser of that match will be the fifth team relegated to Challengers for the second event. Kinda sucks of you're 10th but since there will be three inclusive brackets the league decided to play it off and give the teams a chance to fight their way into the Champions by the skin of their teeth. Matches not to be missed, I'd say.
So, there you have it. Put your thinking caps on and get to ciphering--then cast your votes in this special dual poll Friday Edition of The Monday Poll.


Anonymous said...

Well after looking at the brackets, and then considering how aggressive the field seems to be playing, and talent levels on teams this what I got and voted. No real surprises on who makes Sunday, but I did figure on what surprise team going to challengers...

Sunday teams:

Then I have Damage as the 10 seed, Thunder as the 11th, and XSV as the 12th. XSV beats Thunder dropping Thunder to challengers.

For the last spot in champions I see XSV and Damage playing a close game through most of the match, maybe Damage even pulls ahead at first. In the end I see XSV being hungrier and more aggressive on an aggressive field, pulling ahead late in the match and keeping their foot on the gas pedal to win, taking the last spot in champions.

Anonymous said...

Come on, Vicious coming in above Impact?

I would not be surprised to see Infamous do poorly this event, but I feel very confident in agreeing with you that Damage is going to tank big time. They have a solid team, but losing the players they did along with the coach is going to mess them up.

Ironmen are going to really impress some people. Impact is either going to be on fire or completely on ice. It will all depend on their pit/coach strategy. I think that's what they are lacking most.

Anonymous said...

LMAO at the 0.0% for CEP

Anonymous said...

How does the seeding work going into sunday?
Is it...
1st seed in A plays the 2nd Seed in C
1st in B plays 2nd in B
1st in C plays second in A
Thanks BACA!

Anonymous said...

Yep, I have Vicious over Impact. Vicious has really stepped up recently, Impact not so much. None of what I said was a guarantee, just guesses and assumptions. Based on what I've seen, despite Impacts roster changes I still think Vicious is the better team. Not to mention those roster changes might not pan out until the team gels together after playing a few events.

Anonymous said...

You guys are crazy. No way damage tanks.

Baca Loco said...

359 Anon
Top 2 seeds get a bye into semi-finals. 3 will play 6, 4 will play 5. Top seed in semis plays lowest remaining seed.
Should all three brackets have a team that goes 4-0 for example the tie-breaker will be plus/minus margins.