Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mr. Curious Says

Mr. Curious has stumbled across a nice bit of rumorology. Seems he's in Nebraska recreating the cross country scenes from 'Dumb & Dumber' ("Kick his ass, Sea Bass") and stumbled across this tidbit of information. The word is Todd Martinez, former Infamous coach will be taking an assignment with Vicious.

What do you think? Does Todd improve their chances of getting out of the Challengers bracket?

[originally posted at VFTD Facebook. if you ain't checking out VFTD on Facebook you're missing out.]

UPDATE: The delay in an announcement seems to be due to the fact Todd has not yet agreed to take on the job with Vicious who are reportedly now looking into alternatives should the Martinez pick-up not work out.


Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

If this is true, please bring back Davey Williamson for the webcast.

NewPro said...

I don't doubt the owners resolve to field a winning team but it's time to bring in a ringer (yes,yes, we know..someone who fits with the whole vicious program). After watching the webcast,there was no one who could break a game open, where was the killer instinct. For the love of god, get a missile,not another grenade.

As for Todd, was infamous affected by his departure, you be the judge.

Old-in-402 said...

As a Vicious fan and lifelong resident of the 402 I am skeptical that this will be a solution to their poor performance. I'm becoming more skeptical as to whether Omaha can even support a top-notch program. Here is why:

There is no indoor field available to practice. Omaha has poor weather during the off-season. Practice in the snow is impractical. No matter what resolve Vicious may have to play in poor weather, there is much less resolve for decent practice fodder to come out in the snow. Furthermore, it is hard to develop talent just during the summer. Omaha is a small market but it wasn't a miracle that the original core was able to compete on a high level. It was because there was an indoor field available at the time. They had a spot to compete, practice, and bond 12 months out of the year.

It is possible for them to travel for practice, but impractical and expensive to do so every weekend. A pro team needs to practice more than just on the weekends, so even if they could travel every weekend it would not be sufficient.

As noted above, Omaha's market is small, so small that I believe it is fiscally impossible to maintain an indoor facility. In this region an indoor facility is a necessary tool in order to develop talent and cohesion. While Vicious does have one of the most marketable brands in pro paintball it will need to take the risk in developing an indoor facility to maintain there competitive edge and ultimately protect their brand, because if they have to go D-1 then there is no going back.

Good Luck, Go Vicious.
(Portions of this problem have already been highlighted in ETV's Red Sunday).

Mike said...

Davey Williamson for webcast would be fantastic.

NStoer said...

Reply to Old-in-402

Very solid points but let me make this simple - if CEP can do it...

With Todd, I don't know how much a coach brings to a team but it definitely doesn't hurt.

Jeff Waechter said...

Omaha Vicious needs to come up with a coaching option. Ryan Grey (Last Years Coach) now has other requirements in the pro bracket. As he is the owner of Texas Storm, and they are playing Vicious in the challengers division, I do not think that either Ryan nor Vicious wants a conflict of interest for the season.

I like Chris Hooker and what he has done so far this year, but his talents maybe needed more on the field as other layouts may have very strong shooting lanes.

Todd is a great option for a coach, he knows how to play at the top level and his knowledge should help Vicious increase in player development and performance.