Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thursday in Dallas

While you might think some of the Thursday match-ups aren't going to be that exciting--and you may be correct--I don't see how you can skip any of them without risking missing out. Oh sure, there's work or school to consider but seriously, are you going to let those get in your way when all you need is a hot spot and one of ten thousand gadgets that will get you online where you can catch all the action and a legitimately unique event in Dallas as the pro bracket transitions into Champions & Challengers. Not to mention all the new faces. Does Impact come back with a vengeance after a disappointing Cup? Do the TonTons make an immediate impact? Is Vicious gonna be a player early in the season? Thursday will provide the answer with match-ups versus Damage and Impact. And what has the off season really changed? Will CEP or Shock come in looking to shock the world--and capable of doing it? You might say no but can you really afford to take that chance?
The day begins with X-Factor and XSV. X-Factor had a strong second half last season finishing third at Cup and XSV came into Cup and went 2-2 knocking off Damage in the process. Wait, did I forget to mention we's playing on the old sized field too? Trust me, it's gonna make a difference. The question is, who will it favor?
Check out that lunchtime line-up of Heat versus Dynasty. Is Heat ready to defend their title? Is Dynasty gonna make a big run this year? This game is round 1 in what could be a season long battle. Followed by Legion versus Impact. Boom! This could easily be a Sunday preview match.
Cut class, call in sick, do what you gotta do, this is an event not to be missed.


NewPro said...

Coach,please post your predictions :)

San Antonio X-Factor vs Sacramento XSV

Houston Heat vs Chattanooga C.E.P

San Diego Dynasty vs Sacramento XSV

San Antonio X-Factor vs Chattanooga C.E.P

Houston Heat vs San Diego Dynasty

Moscow Red Legion vs Edmonton Impact

Tampa Bay Damage vs Chicago Aftershock

Omaha Vicious vs Edmonton Impact

Moscow Red Legion vs Chicago Aftershock

Tampa Bay Damage vs Omaha Vicious

k. said...

No work, no school, no problem! :P

Anonymous said...

As much as people like to bitch about changes - there is a lot to say about a fresh start and a new look. So many new things to consider that should hopefully showcase some new talent and upset the expected turnout.

Baca Loco said...

Don't want much do you, NewPro? While I won't do that I'll give you a few things to look for that I think will be interesting.
Most teams more often than not will make the snake side the strong side and still slow play it. The normally aggressive teams won't have a lot of options to push the envelope and will have to rely on their gun games--if they have any. Impact will either drop a Thursday game or come very close to it.

NewPro said...

Coach, WTF happened with CEP? I know everyone wants to know

Anonymous said...

^^^ agreed! Y'all got stomped.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You two are dicks.

Anonymous said...

CEP woke up and learned how to ball this off-season. But mostly they got rid of some of the dumb asses who would smoke pot before each game.

Anonymous said...

On the flipside, that victory vs Heat was fucking EPIC.

Grant Harrison said...

Funny to see how wrong most of us were in the polls about some of the teams.

Some great games over the weekend but penalties killed what were some close matches. It would have been nice to see a lot fewer red flags flying in the air...

NewPro said...

I meant no disrecpect at all, I was just hoping coach would give us a real, no bs reason as to why CEP beat them. The Xfactor i saw beat 187 was not the xfactor who lost to CEP, so maybe i answered my own question.

Baca Loco said...

All y'all
Just for the record we did get stomped and it's okay to say so.

The big picture issue is lack of consistency and it is the one thing that has been a feature of many X-Factor teams. World beaters one game, totally unexpected losers the next. Within that fact there are other "reasons" (lack of focus among them) that are being and will continue to be addressed as the team moves forward. It was a useful wake-up call if nothing else.
And kudos to CEP for taking advantage, playing a solid game and bringing it home.

I'm 100% with you on that and I'll have more to say about it tomorrow.