Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Live from Disney's Wide World of Sports

Or a patch of netted, battered grass beside the immense parking lot--It's ... PSP TV! On the web and in your heart. I'm rather surprised this hasn't gotten more attention but I'm sure somebody has released a shiny new something so I guess I'm not really surprised after all. And people wonder if hypnosis is real.
Course, most folks are probably imagining this is just the PSP covering territory already covered by the NPPL and why wouldn't they? PSP hasn't made it clear that it is in the process of attempting a grander vision that doesn't stop when the last bonusball (or ten) explodes on the back of some unlucky head. Then again it may be wise to not raise too many expectations when they haven't done this before. And, whatever you do, don't infer anything from what I'm saying here. I know a bit of this and bit of that but exactly how this will roll out and how quickly and effectively it all ramps up even I wouldn't hazard to guess.
Let me say this--be cautiously excited. It has the potential to be an important step forward.

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Janek D said...


I kept wondering why they didn't do it yet. I'm hoping it will be at least as good as the NPPL ESPN show covering Miami or Tampa (can't remember where it was).
It looks like they certainly got some professionals to do it. Should be interesting.

I'm excited.