Thursday, April 30, 2009

MAO Day 1

If you were hoping for (or foolishly expecting) serious coverage of Day 1 of the event consider yourself disappointed 'cus it ain't happening. Contrary to popular opinion I'm actually kinda busy. It's late, I'm tired. It was a long day. Lots of sun, no rain. Fingers crossed. The forecast for the weekend threatens thunderstorms. We'll see. If you want scores visit the cool kids at Pro PB.

A lot of very competitive games on the semi-pro and pro field today. A lot of back and forth with dramatic shifts of momentum making a lot of the outcomes uncertain until late in many of the matches. If this pattern continues--and it likely will--the decisive games on Saturday should be some awesomely brutal world class paintball so don't miss the action when all ya gotta do is sit back in the comfort of your living room and watch it all on the webcast. (And, no, the PSP didn't give me a dime for that endorsement but they ought to.) I'm pushing the webcast because it's a terrific presentation that is only getting better and every webcast is another opportunity to promote the game. Our game.

I'll have a bit more time tomorrow and I'm thinking of taking some pictures of some of the kewl peeps loitering around the venue. No promises but it could happen. If there's anything you'd like to see post it up in the comments and if it isn't weird or festive (figure it out) I'll consider it.

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