Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Global Harmonization & the PSP

I'm gonna do an about face. Over a year ago I posted a rant or two or possibly more (I can seldom leave well enough alone when there's an opportunity to bludgeon y'all over the head an extra time or two with my flavor of the day outrage) regarding the PSP / MS dialogue about harmonizing formats, rules, etc. (Though it would be nice if the MS had a rule book ...) Anyway, as an anti-globalist anarchist I opposed it on general principle but more practically I opposed it because it looked like the PSP was moving toward the MS model and not the other way round--and I considered--and still do--the MS version of the format-formerly-known-as-xball to be a weak imitation.

At the time the PSP suggested that any appearance of globalizing was mostly coincidental (and something the Eurokids were pushing but not the PSP) and that the real mover was economic necessity with decisions made being what seemed the best available compromises, in essence. It was, and remains, a potent argument and I have no doubt economic concerns are a prime motivator. But global harmonization isn't a figment of my fevered imagination or a coincidence, it is real.

There is a light at the end of that tunnel though--perhaps. Here's where I change my mind. I'm still not thrilled that necessity and intent have moved the game closer to the Euro model but if viewed as an intermediate step in a larger plan it both makes sense and should hopefully lead in a direction I approve of. (As if my approval actually mattered anywhere but here at VFTD where it's paramount.) Okay, that's all rather cryptic and I apologise for not spelling it out but rest assured I will. Right now there are decisions still to be made and no doubt lots of details I know little or nothing about. Some of those should be clearer after the 5th of January as there will be a PSP meeting in San Diego on that date and part of the agenda will be addressing the intermediate step in concrete ways.

VFTD EXTRA: For those who can't wait for the PSP to make their announcements for 2010 I suggest you be prepared to wait until after the Jan. 5 meetings. At a guess I would say most of the work is done but some items are unlikely to be settled before that meeting. And yes, I know Faction has stated the 2010 rulebook should be released soon and while I don't doubt his best intentions soon is rather non-specific and I'm reasonably certain rules changes may be the least of it. Dammit, I can't even get a final pro roster number yet.

So relax, enjoy your holiday, there's plenty of time still to stress over paintball. Or, you could collect the torches & pitchforks and pay raehl a friendly visit.


raehl said...

I didn't say anything about the rule book. I said classification rules.

Baca Loco said...

Actually if our friends at PBN don't object too strenuously (to me pulling your statement) you said, 'Yes, and there are no plans for that to change for 2010. I expect rules for 2010 to be released shortly.'

Granted, in reading the original question it was regarding a classification question but you weren't specific.

So I guess it's torches & pitchforks after all.

raehl said...

So we agree I didn't say rule book.