Tuesday, December 15, 2009

NE Hurricanes

Earlier today Jeff announced the pro team would no longer be competing. For those following the pro game this should not be a great surprise--perhaps which teams survive and which don't might catch some by surprise but the current environment isn't encouraging or supportive. Fortunately in this case I am not as saddened as I might be because I know Jeff intends to remain a part of competitive paintball.
I wish the Hurricane players all the best and hope their futures include as much paintball as they want it to and I will look forward to seeing you guys on the circuit.

The Canes aren't the first and they won't be the last. I hope I'm around to see them back on top in the future.


franktankerous said...

In Jeff's actual statement he said it had more to do with the structure of the organization and than a lack of money. Again you have a little more insight into whats going on than I do. Any chance you can explain what he meant by the team being structured based off the old pro model versus the new pro model?

Either way there is a lot of raw talent up in New England. If they get their act together something seriously good could breakthrough.

Baca Loco said...

While I'm can't (and wouldn't try to speak for Jeff) the problem is that the team was started in an environment where success was enough to generate within industry support--particularly if you could rep an undercovered region.
Today that's not enough and any team(s) looking to build and sustain itself needs to re-think how they will keep their team going and where sufficient resources to continue will come from.

David said...

Teams nowadays need to be reliant on them selfs for funding instead of companies. Teams need to sell them selfs as a product (like similar pro teams of different sports.) The detroit red wings for example dont rely on easton to fund them and pay the bills. The teams that understand this are doing well...Vicious, Ironmen, Dynasty, etc.

Baca Loco said...

Conceptually you're correct but I'm not convinced your examples are the best. Ironmen are the quintessesntial factory team and operate under different rules. Vicious is closer to right but they are also the flavor of the month when it comes to industry sponsorship. And Dynasty has some outside industry sponsors but the basic model is the same and they aren't doing well, certainly not by their standards.