Wednesday, December 9, 2009

VFTD Post Updates

Aight, I'm getting bored waiting for some news to surface so here goes.

Word is the buyer of JT Europe is a French company called Cybergun best known for their line of Airsoft gear. The company has licensing agreements with a who's who of the world's armaments manufacturers and they also make those cheesy little kids splat paintball-type plastic guns.

On the SP front as the kids from ProPaintball recently reported there've been a lot of rumblings including the inability of retailers and customers to make contact with any reps and a rumor that the doors will close for good at the end of the month. In checking into it briefly all I got was confirmation that the banks had stepped in back in September and have been calling the shots since then. (Something VFTD reported and was roundly denied.)

In NPPL news there's a team not named Bushwackers or Rage dropping out. No names as I don't know whether the players know yet or not. (Btw, that doesn't mean I expect either Rage or the Bushwackers to continue in the NPPL.)

Speaking of NPPL related news I'm wondering how Frank the Tank's departure from Procaps might affect Avalanche next year. C'mon, Dale, spill the beans. Where's Frank going? And ask him while you're at it what's up with Ava. (Or, you know, Frank, you could just drop me a line or post up in comments.)


Furby said...

I'll give him a ring, but all he'll likely do is drive over and beat the crap out of me again...

Baca Loco said...

Better you than me, Buddy.

Furby said...

If I had calves like yours, I wouldn't be worried about Frank either!

I called and spoke with him...I suspect after he's done beating the crap out of me, he'll drop you a line.

Anonymous said...

bye bye texas 7-man.


Rock Star said...

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