Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monday Poll in Review

Nothing to see here. Move along. Hit the road, Rubbernecker. Y'all are a pack of useless sluggards. A perfectly good poll with an easy answer, no pressure, and what--you lazy slackers can't even manage that.
So, how was that? Feeling the guilt? Regretting not participating? No? Oh, well, thought I'd try and get you ready for the holidays and family gatherings. Don't you people have mothers? (Or is that just me?)

Total World Cup votes equalled 28% but was spread over 3 WC locations; Paintball World, the cow pasture and Disney. HB garnered 23% (and it might have been interesting to separate those based on north of the pier or down the freaking beach--but I didn't). Coming in tied for third was Toulouse--site of a number of 7-man World Cups and Skyball, which unlike later events, actually occurred inside the Skydome and not in the parking lot. Rounding out the top five were Vegas baby and London (and I'd guess those London votes are for the old Crystal Palace venue.) Mardi Gras pulled some votes as did a couple of generic city venues but most of the remaining votes went to the Old Skool nostalgia tour with places like Nashville, IAO, Pittsburgh mounds and the Chitown Badlandz.

Alrighty then, that's it, kids. The Monday Poll is on holiday. It'll be back next year.

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franktankerous said...

I know a bunch of people who say Skyball was the best event ever, with its shotgun starts and its unconventional fields, but I can't vote for them so I picked HB. Great Venue, half naked women, and nothing beats walking the fields as the sun is setting on the beach...no homo