Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Romance, Mystery, Legend & History

La Serenissima. Venice. It's all that and much more. An extraordinary if somewhat melancholy place in the 21st century. And the Grand Tour has announced Venice as the location of one of their tournaments for 2010.

(For everyone primed for Interesting Times I realize this is a rather abrupt segue but there you go. Tomorrow will see a PSP related post and should there be more to say in the aftermath of yesterday's post I'll let you know.)

Just how they are going to manage that I don't know but I wish them all the luck in the world. In Venice proper there are only two places I can think of; the great concrete wart of a parking lot addition by the train station in the Tranchetto or the grounds at the eastern end past the Arsenale district. And somehow both of those strike me as highly unlikely. Keeping to Venetian islands the Lido seems the most likely with lots of possible sites, a modern sensibility and cheaper accommodations but still--it's an island. Proximate to Venice on the mainland is Mestre but it's largely industrial and not particularly scenic though only a short train ride from Venice. There are a few other spots perhaps but they aren't actually Venice either. And while Venice has an airport--it's small and doesn't have lots of connecting points--there's also the matter of paintball being illegal in Italy. (Though I'm told there are a handful of paintball fields in the country nonetheless.)

Anyway, I'm intrigued and should anyone, from the Grand Tour, or otherwise have more info I'd love to hear about it. (I'm resisting the urge to post scenic photos. UPDATE: failed to resist urge.) Any excuse to visit Venice is an excuse well made.

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