Monday, March 21, 2011

Burning Question

Hey APPA, how many first time i.d.'s were issued at Galveston and how many were issued to players 30 and older compared to Phoenix last year? Isn't that the sort of data the league should have already requested APPA determine to help evaluate the effectiveness of the older, fatter, slower rule changes? How 'bout sharing with us?
After all the point wasn't to turn Race 2-X into Snooze 2-2 (or 3). And it wasn't to shoot a third (or more) more paint--yet here we are. And if anyone at the PSP is thinking of raising the ROF in order to compensate, don't.


Anonymous said...

Here, here!

Anonymous said...

The PSP (with little effect from the APPA) don't exactly have the best league back end for format decisions, but if there's no catalyst or fire under their ass, why would it change?

Sure, the NPPL competes but only from the backfield with heavy media and as much involvement from volunteers (" ") as possible. Why should the PSP/APPA relationship strain itself when the APPA is larger than the PSP is on it's own? The APPA doesn't "need" to provide that service, and with all the business they get, how would they match that for XXX number of events? They wouldn't be able to...

Maybe it never occured to the PSP which might be good you brought it up and support that idea, maybe it has, but I don't expect Lane to change his mind about some things...

When we have a game that is built to destroy itself every weekend, there's only so many times someone can go out and party. I think that pace is starting to hit the PSP as a business and without matching that speed, we'll continue to see changes in format/league.

Anonymous said...

So you take away coaching from one side of the field and make the field longer and the games are slower? You don't say!

My team only shot 15% more paint than we averaged last year, probably because our matches ran longer. So a bit more expensive, but we played more paintball. If the money is a problem for teams, most can bump back up to 12 players per roster and still get the same play time per person.

Whether the changes are effective at retaining older players or not is going to take some time to see. I doubt there was a sudden rush of old people out of retirement, but over time one would hope the changes would keep people in the game now who would have felt pressured out without the changes to stay instead.

There did seem to be more fat kids playing.