Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Guerrilla Paintball

It's not what you think it is. (Unless you've been peeking over at the dark side lately.) Every once in a while VFTD's attention is distracted from the rigors and rewards of competition paintball--and this is one of those times. (Yes, I'm aware the MS Longchamp event kicks off in less than 36 hours. Plenty of time to look into guerrilla paintball first.) After you finish this post the title is a link to the guerrilla paintball site describing the latest game--upcoming--in their Call to Duty series. To give you some idea of what's involved every player must transport themselves to Split, Croatia where they will board a ship that will take them to the island venue where the game will be played over a long weekend in July. Despite my better judgment (and complete and utter lack of interest in the run-of-the-mill scenario game) I find the idea of guerrilla paintball very compelling. Can I get a hell yeah? "Hell yeah!"
It's odd because it's the extremes that make it appealing. To me anyway. The isolation, privation and hardships create a completely over the top and separate from anything else in the paintball world type of challenge. Of course I'm not going to go. I'm not even going to try and get a ticket--even though I love the idea and can imagine myself doing it. My problem is I don't really like that kind of paintball but it promises to be a rare and virtually unique experience for those who do. I also have issues with scenario games based on real modern warfare. I wouldn't call it immoral but I find it, at best, to be in poor taste. But that's just me. Looming larger as a concern (for me) is just how play-acting combat goes over as a competing representation of what paintball is with the general public.
With respect to the actual Call to Duty series of events it looks like the organizers are trying to out-do their last event--which is both cool for the players and understandable--but it's got to end somewhere, doesn't it? Is parachuting into a real jungle one step too far? The last game had players that suffered various degrees of hypothermia. The organizers talk about the players being personally responsible but don't the organizers bear some responsibility if anything ever went seriously wrong? Enough hand-wringing. (I'm my own buzzkill.)
If you're looking for the ultimate in extreme paintballing look no further--and check out what the guys at guerrilla paintball are doing next. It's awesome but is it good for paintball?


papa chad said...

this does look compelling, I think it could upbring a long-prolonged disinterest from the general public if some pop icons took an interest and actually got it out there to people. that's the only problem I forsee- Guerrilla Paintball not getting enough attention, but I think there is potential for all formats of the game in it.

I'm also iffy about the whole "kill terrorists" and "Actual War Theme Here." seems to be in a bit of bad taste.
I wish we would go back to Red Alert and Dune (great video game and a great book!, with an emphasis on "video game" and "book.")

papa chad said...

potential *win* for all formats.

abc said...

Very interesting concept. We've all seen how piss-poor a military trained guy is at playing a typical game of elimination-oriented paintball.

I wonder how military training does in situations like this on such a vast piece of land with large groups of players. Makes me wish they could get some ex (or current)special forces teams involved.

I especially liked reading through their Event page, with all the blunt warnings, etc. It's a bit refreshing to see people treated as adults and expected to be responsible for not only their own decision, but for taking their own life in their hands.