Saturday, March 12, 2011

PSP Galveston Day 2

Gotta keep this one fairly short, kids, 'cus it's getting late and I got's work yet to do to prepare for tomorrow. Some unusual results on the first day of pro play. Legion drop an overtime match to Ironmen--who are playing very well--and finished the day; 2- 1. A morning win on Sunday will almost certainly get them through. Impact went 2- 0 but have two tough matches Sunday morning in Legion & Dynasty. CEP has shown well for their first event. Penalties have hurt them and the field (and new dimensions) has helped them. Shock struggled on Saturday in the afternoon bracket as did Infamous, to a lesser degree. Vicious, with a short roster, has played very solid and consistent paintball as has X-Factor. Damage went 2- 0 but will need to pick it up to make a real run at tomorrow's title. Right now it looks like at least one, perhaps two, unexpected teams could crack the semis. And it also looks like we could have a few tie-breakers determine outcomes. (More on this after the event.)
The PSP is filming the pro field with the intent of uploading largely raw video footage to YouTube in full match form. (Check it out and see what's there.)
In today's prelims in D1- D3 more than 50% went to time instead of score. (For example, if it was Race 2- 5 that means winning scores were less than 5.) Yesterday the total was over 40% so for the total prelims nearly 50% of all matches played failed to reach their race score max. (And there were plenty of really low scores.) Of course the same was true of the pro field where less than a handful of scores went to 7 points.
The weather continued to be amazing and despite being breezier than yesterday it was a terrific day to play some paintball and tomorrow promises to be more of the same.
There won't be a report tomorrow but (hopefully) on Monday I can go into more detail and discuss Sunday along with putting the event into perspective relative to the new rules (or even the made up rules.) (Yes, that was a tease to make sure you come back.)


Twisted Games Of Texas Paintball said...

This is said with the utmost respect and understanding regarding the reasons for this season's changes. But...

Please. For God's sake. Give us back our beloved 30 second point in your face x-ball. Watching three days of the Galveston layout was as much of a yawner as watching (and playing) 7-man. Which is the reason why we came over "to the dark side" three years ago.

Don Saavedra said...

To what end, Twisted? Continuing declining numbers until it's just you telling people about the good old days and how awesome it used to be to have a national tournament series to play in? If that was a financially viable model, no changes would ever have been necessary.

Baca Loco said...

On what basis are you claiming the changes that have been made made any difference whatsoever to the Galveston turnout?

On what basis were the numbers declining before? The bottom dropped out of 7-man too. Did that happen for the same reasons xball declined?

All the fixes taken were predicated on speculation and the fear that doing nothing is worse than doing something.

Twisted Games Of Texas Paintball said...

Whoa, Don. Settle down there, buddy. Simply rethinking the layout would be fine by me. Taking the game from where it was last year to b.o.r.i.n.g. in one step was a little much. Have no problem in conceding the larger dimensions, no pit side coaching, etc. But frankly, if we wanted to play 7-man, we would still be playing NPPL.

Don Saavedra said...

I'm not saying the changes have definitely improved things, simply that the "beloved 30 second point in your face x-ball" was the M.O. during the Decline.

While it's obvious that the tanking economy was probably the biggest reason for the Decline, the PSP can't fix the economy. They can only fix those other things that have driven some people away.

Were the field layout/rule changes at Galveston responsible for some boring games? Yes. Does that mean scrapping the whole idea that is intended to allow more people to compete a good thing? No.