Sunday, March 27, 2011

Look What Mr. Curious Found

The first Millennium of the season is over and while Mr. C wasn't all that interested in the results (Dynabrats win; good results for the UK across the board; where are all these Russian teams coming from?) he has had an abiding interest in American pros playing in the MS. A quick perusal of rosters seems to indicate the numbers may be down this year but the item Mr. C found most interesting was the 3 Vicious players on the Dynasty roster. The last couple of years Dynasty has competed with blended teams, first Arsenal and then Impact--but they also announced those moves. (Mr. C always assumed it meant a defrayed expense sheet for competing in Euroland.) This time around though, no announcement, but Vicious does share both gun & gear sponsors with Dynasty and the next MS event, Bitberg, falls on the same weekend as NPPL Chicago so odds are a heavily reduced Dynasty presence will be augmented with Vicious players for that event. Or maybe not.

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Anonymous said...

The entire Vicious team will be playing as Dynasty in Germany.

Dynasty will be in Chicago.