Monday, March 7, 2011

The Monday Poll

I'm not gonna try blowing smoke up your skirt. This week's poll is a last ditch desperate--if obvious--move to come up with something, anything to base a poll on. Truth is I've been despondent all day after hearing CBS fired Charlie Sheen. Hey, when you're head and shoulders above the crowd there's always someone trying to knock you back down. That and I've been thinking, if Charlie can monetize Twitter, why can't I? Winning with VFTD. Now, that's a winner.
And this week VFTD wants you to pick the winner (wow, what a clever segue) in the D1 division of the upcoming PSP Galveston event. As with last week's pro pick 'em (shamelessly stolen from Cade) you get to pick a top 4. Don't abuse your voting privileges and don't be a lazy slacker. (Yeah, right.)

Monday Poll in Review
Thanks to all you lazy slackers for voting last week blah blah blah. Last week's actual question wasn't about picking the winner, it was about picking the top four finishers. Damage & the Russian Legion topped the voting finishing within a percentage point of one another. Finishing a close third was Dynasty where off season moves have inspired y'all to expect big things this year. Picking the Russians is pretty much a no-brainer but the popularity of Damage frankly surprised me a bit. Sure, there's brown noser or three out there and then there is the great unwashed (who usually turn out to be uninformed too) countered by what I call the "recognition lag." Almost all teams (except Vicious) are subject to recognition lag. A team performs for some period of time and whatever results they achieve aren't really recognized until later on. Think of it like baseball players finally scoring a giant long term contract. He's really getting paid for what he's already done--and management is hoping he will do again. That's recognition lag. Anyway, there was a lot of interesting off season action that Damage didn't participate in, until the last minute (last week) that most of the voters didn't seem to consider all that big a deal, except for Dynasty of course. As it turned out Impact grabbed the number four spot a few points ahead of Infamous. And despite their World Cup success 'Shock came in sixth. Rounding out the rest of the pro division the voters chose X-Factor, Vicious, Ironmen & CEP.
I could make the case for some of these other teams--I really expect an intact X-Factor to break through at some point of the season because I think the new rules may favor their style. And how about Impact? They were in the hunt all year long last year and haven't done anything to diminish their potential. And did anybody consider the brackets before casting their votes? Whatever the merits of the poll or wisdom of the voters (I hope y'all are right on target) we'll see your collective results next week and see how close y'all got.


Dan said...

I actually really like you guys for this event. Last year you guys showed that you could thrive on any layout, in any format and perform under pressure. And for the record I've like damage for a while. Nothing but respect for teams and players that work their way up the food chain and proving they belong. that and you guys jerseys have always been top notch. Call me shallow but The 08 brown jersey is still one of my favorites of all time. Id like to see the brown and gold back for an event or two.
I'm not sure what to expect out of dynasty. they will break through at some point, but is it first event taking advantage of all of the "refreshed roster" vibe, or the last when they've had time to work out the team dynamic.

Baca Loco said...

I'd thank you Dan but I'm cynical and mistrusting.

I don't know about brown & gold but I think the team may have a few different looks this year. Something unique for each league perhaps. I remember a discussion along thosae lines but I don't pay much attention to that sort of thing.