Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ask the Coach

Episode 1--The Hard Edge
Submit your questions for the next episode of Ask the Coach, Maggot.

UPDATE: video storage site down April 27th for maintenance but video piece still available using Firefox browser.

LATEST UPDATE of the UPDATE: It's bbbbbaaaaccccckkkkkk!!!


MissyQ said...

Ask the Coach Questions:

Does Billy-Ball constitute a valuable training-aid, or is it just a way for your gun to be broken without actually being broken?

Your team is wasted and only gets to the field 15 minutes before the first game. They reek of booze, and you have no choice but to throw them out there or forfeit the great day you had yesterday. What's the best game plan to get the most out of a line of useless retards who can barely see who they are shooting at?

Your 'superstar' hasn't shot anyone all day, but he's a premadonna and if ytou sit him he's going to be an even bigger problem. Your other guys are picking up the slack, and you can still make the cut. Drop him like a $3 hooker, or continue to massage his ego like, well, a $150 hooker?

You're on the field, and have one of your players' guns in your hand. Its not illegal to discharge it at that moment in time, and you see Chris Raell talking crap over by the pits, it's an easy shot. Do you drill him like its Sunday afternoon and he's the last guy left, or just plug him once, after wasting 20 shots finding the range, like they do in the NCPA?

Lawrence said...

What is the most important thing when scouting for new players?

What exactly are a coaches duties?

Baca Loco said...

Missy, well asked, but those are rather complicated questions, aren't they?

I can however answer #4 right away. No hesitation, chase him off the field with a preferably borderline illegal stream of paint. The reason for this is, of course, because you can't always rely on the refs to remove an eliminated, er, "player" in a timely manner.

Thanks, Lawrence.
Your #2 depends on the team really. Can be everything from the guy who yells at the sideline but doesn't the team codes to running practices, training players, developing strategies, calling plays, evaluating the opposition and so on.

MissyQ said...

What? Now you 'don't do complicated'?

Baca Loco said...

Of course I do complicated--but maybe not in the Ask the Coach format. Have you seen Episode 1 yet? I'm not sure it lends itself to too much complication, but for you I might try. ;-)

Pelc said...

I had to watch the video twice just to understand them. I didn't really like it.

Baca Loco said...

Consider yourself lucky, Pelc, that I don't condone waterboarding.

David Edson said...

I'm not a time waster. I've come across this venue to speak with someone from "TBD"

can I have an address to field you play at?

if its possible an email that I can reply to?; and seriously talk athlete to athlete/Coach

My email:

thank you

Baca Loco said...

Gee, David. Are you implying that visiting VFTD is a time waster?