Saturday, April 25, 2009

Major League Paintball Held Hostage: Alert

Whoa! Big trouble in Malaga for the MS. Apparently play was canceled during the day Saturday due to high winds and weather conditions. MS statement says D2 & 3 will complete games tomorrow and the CPL will complete their PRELIMINARY games on Sunday. All other games, including SPL and D1 (and apparently the CPL semis and finals) will carry over to Bitburg and event 2.
No explanation on how that will work was given. And it seems no confirmed alternate schedule will be available to the teams still playing until 8 am Sunday morning. Tentatively Sunday games are now expected to run as late as 9 pm which will likely disrupt a lot of return travel arrangements as well.

Lots of Eurokids gots nothing to do tonight so if you have more info please post it up in comments. Lazy slackers

UPDATE: Seems games were canceled today due to rain. Far as I can tell neither of the unlocked divisions, D2 and M5, completed the event. If correct it moves Malaga from a difficult and unhappy result to a complete bust that if handled poorly by the MS will effect the rest of the season--any perhaps beyond.
While I don't have sufficient confirmed information to pass judgment where's the fun in that? It sounds like the traditional field set-ups handled the wind issues of yesterday okay and that the new inflatable? fields (you can see them in pre-event photos) were the problem. Did the new fields get tested in advance? Does the wind not normally blow on the coast of Spain? The MS can't be held responsible for the rain today but the rain has only added to the chaos caused yesterday.
Here's a prediction too: whatever happens (or doesn't happen) the Millennium's historically poor communication skills will make it worse.


Tor said...

Theres a good chance there will be some angry people at the beach tomorrow expecting to play, as information might not have reached all teams.

The wind is really strong but the new inflatable netting rigg dosent help either..

raehl said...

I dunno about doesn't help - inflatable netting rigging not staying up is preferable to what happened at Chicago Open last year when the wind permanently destroyed three fields of poles.

I bet it would be really handy if Millennium had the ability to text message all of their teams though.....

Anonymous said...

What a terrible bit of luck for the Mill. It seems games were called off again Sunday.

The new netting system looks interesting.

I can't see it well enough in the picture, but I wonder if there is a problem with paint ricocheting up and over the net off the bottom tubing?

anonachris said...

Huh... I dunno, I seem to remember how that big huge inflatable X was always a problem... and how we had to anchor the big huge inflatable X to the netting, which was anchored to the ground.

So now we have big huge inflatable things, that aren't really all that different from an X as far as I can tell, and people are wondering how this was a problem?

Really? I don't think the PSP has had an event without the X blowing around and needing to be adjusted at some point. Who thought making inflatable netting that is basically the same as the wobbly X was a good idea? (I know I know... the people who sold the X thought it was a good idea...)

But props to the industry driven idea to come up with a better way to solve the netting mess. It's a complete mess generally.

Mario said...

Why not just continue play in the rain like so many PSP events have? Was it really that bad

Baca Loco said...

No doubt the organizers were concerned it would give the UK teams an unfair advantage, Mario.

MissyQ said...

I heard that at the next MS event they are just hiring some tall guys to hold the netting up during the games. Obviously they would have to wear masks, or this could be a dangerous solution...