Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Team USA

Doesn't mean what you think it means unless the sum of your thoughts have run their course with F-yeah!
Take a break from your jingoistic chanting and answer a couple of questions and all may become clearer. (Or not.)
Oh, in case you missed it Pro Paintball is reporting a combo of Dynabrats and Arsenalisti plus a player to be named later will be playing together in the Millennium Series as Team USA.
So whose spot will they be playing assuming it's in the CPL? Smart Parts owns a spot but has yet to register a team. If it's the SP spot why would they want a mixed squad when some of the non-brats are shooting the competition? If it's not the SP spot whose spot is it? (The only choices left belong to Moscow Phoenix or Shockwave.)
Try as I might I'm not seeing too many options here. If we assume it's SP's spot then the only conclusion that makes much sense is SP needed to subsidize that spot and the Brats aren't willing (or able) to do that. If it isn't SP's spot it belongs (or belonged) to one of the other two named teams. But why would Dynasty join with Arsenal to pick-up a spot to play the Euro version of Race2-5? More likely is the MS had a spot revert to them that they wanted to fill with U.S. Pros in order to appeal to their European player base. I expect it will all shake out before too long--and isn't it interesting that nobody ever talks about this stuff until forced to reveal what's happened?--my vote is with SP splitting their spot's roster in order to defray the expense of keeping the spot. But who knows? Oh, yeah, there are a few peeps who know.

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