Monday, April 27, 2009

Paintball Preview

It's Monday. This week's post is up at Baca's Blog over at the Big Bullet. It's called, 'Los Pistoleros' and is about the utility (and future) of pistols in paintball. I don't really know (but mostly don't see it) so I'm asking what y'all think. If you've got an opinion get over there and express yourself.

Tomorrow's MLP weekly update will preview the PSP's MAO and take a look back at this past weekend's MS event in Malaga. We'll also check in on the USPL regional DC Challenge and if I get a chance the Grand Tour Warsaw event coming up.

The promised posts from last week that didn't get posted yet may or may not see publication this week. I leave Wednesday for Carolina and I gots stuff to do so I'll do what I can. I will post from the event and I'm toying with the notion of taking a few pictures with the idea of uploading some of those if I like what I see.

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