Thursday, April 16, 2009

MLP Held Hostage: Alert

I wish I knew how to add audio links 'cus I'd be playing the (really annoying) musical chairs music right about now. Offenbach Comin At Ya is now in the CPL. They finished the '08 SPL season just out of position for promotion but here they are anyway. That means one of the remaining unregistered CPL teams will be out. Who will it be? Is it the SP spot (Philly Dogs), Shockwave or Moscow Phoenix?

UPDATE: It's the Moscow Phoenix spot.


Fred said...

From what I know, the SP spot will be played by Dynasty/Arsenal/Russian players. Here is the roster : Ryan Greenspan, Alex Fraige, Yosh Rau, JC Whittington, Pat Rhodes, Chris Designor and Justin Rabakoff).

It seems that Shock will play the Moscow Caste spot and the Moscow Phoenix spot has been taken by Comin' At Ya.

Some D1 teams are making the move to the SPL spots left. Question : Did they pay the same rate than the other teams ?

Baca Loco said...

Yep. It seems CAY has the Phoenix spot. Thanks, Fred.
That is the question alright.