Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Evolving VFTD

'For the Players By the Players' will be posted later today.

Lately I've been thinking about adding some structure to this site. On the order of stuff like the Tuesday MLP Held Hostage updates. I've decided, with some input from those of you who aren't always lazy slackers, to add one new monthly and one new bi-monthly feature. Anyway, as I'm sure this is both tedious and boring, let me get to the point. Beginning this month I'll start doing 2 How-To's for Race2; one each in week 1 & week 3. Field Design posts will become How To Play a particular field layout and I'll do one of those each month in week 2. (For purposes of identifying the week my week 1 will be the first full 7 day week each month. That will give me more time to fit those posts in and hopefully will be less confusing as the beginning and endings of the months don't coincide with the days of the week. That means we are currently in my week 2 so I'll do the HB layout on Saturday. And next week will have a Race2 How-To.)
The other monthly feature I'm considering is an interview; players, former players, movers, shakers, industry guys, Old Skool, New Skool and most things in between. I've got some ideas but I'm open to suggestions. And if you've got an opinion on the whole interview idea--don't be shy.

Also, a couple of quick notes on VFTD's audience. In my recent look at Google Analytics global breakdown of site visitors--which is very cool--I noticed a new first; visitors from Taiwan. Thanks for dropping by. Otherwise the breakdown has become pretty consistent with the majority of visitors from North America followed by Euroland and Asia has recently supplanted South America.

Finally, I would like to the turn the MLP Held Hostage weekly update into a more global review but in order to do that I need a little help. One level of help would aim me at websites and leagues that merit keeping an eye on or that would provide useful info from those parts of the world where I'm not--pretty much everywhere except the U.S.--and another level of help would be dropping me a line from time to time and filling me in on the goings on in your part of the paintball universe. So how bout the latest news from Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Brazil, South Africa, Europe--anywhere and everywhere serious competitive paintball is being played.

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