Wednesday, March 3, 2010

After Action Report: PBLive

If you watched you know Guy Fawkes made an appearance. A minor miscommunication meant I ended up wearing the damn thing the whole segment but at least Guy is a much jollier fellow than I. And think of it in terms of the mystery. Who was that masked man? Everyone will be talking. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) Besides, I confess there's a little anarchy in my heart, too.

I'm told the program will be up on YouTube soon and I'll post a link for the masochists among you as soon as I have it. I'd like to thank host Ryan MacDonald who was terrific. I thought my Steven Wright delivery was an intriguing counterpoint to his lively style. Beyond that I wouldn't hold the PBLive guys responsible for anything other than being duped. Of course, if they bring me back that one is on them.

I enjoyed it other than the mask part--which after about 5 minutes was hot and claustrophobic--but I'll own that one. It sounded like a clever gimmick until I spent a half hour breathing my own stale breath and resisting the urge to rob a 7-11.

If you listened in, thanks, I hope you enjoyed it. And if you catch the show later on YouTube I make no promises. What I can say is when that cabal of owners was busting their piggy banks for NXL franchises this is probably not the TV they had in mind.


houdini said...

The playback is up at although you will have to sit through rehashed online pb news reports and Max'd Kidz Sawyer and dad... most interesting comment was your theory on why today's paintballers seem to be all whiners!!! The mask... well...somehow you not being on facebook makes sense now ;>

Missy Q said...

I thought you were amazing.
When is your next TV appearance?

Hippo said...

I had a chance to watch a replay of the interview tonight. I enjoyed it, but I have a question about something you said.

You made the following statement, in regards to the PSP: "...they are cognoscente of the reality of our current situation and they have been making specific moves, for at least a couple years, that are aimed at getting away from reliance on the old way of doing things and the big dream..."

Would you mind expanding on that?

I certainly understand the current situation, and, as an old school player {35, with 14 years national experience] understand the old way...but I'm not sure what is being done to get away from it. By "the big dream," I'm assuming you mean television. If my assumption is correct, then that's where I'm confused.

I thought the several hundred grand invested in the web-cast was yet another effort to try to make paintball a watchable, televised sport. Maybe I'm wrong...but that's where you come in.

Baca Loco said...

Probably the next time the scheduled guest bails last minute.

Webcast mission priority isn't about getting competitive paintball on TV, it was largely about alternative revenue stream(s). Could a webcast also be an intermeidate step toward TV, too? Sure it could.

When I mentioned getting away from the old ways I was primarily referring to the operating model that national level events have relied on--a pyramid with loweest level teams at the bottom generating the bulk of the money that allows the top to function. The move to the affiliates is a move away from that model.

Gary Baum said...

Well done Mr. Baca, who ever you are. I enjoyed listening to your insightful comments on the show but I was wondering why you were wearing a mask through out the interview. I think the statement you made by wearing a mask over shadowed everything you said. Was the mask your idea or Ryan’s?

I can not imagine you felt the need to hide your identity

Baca Loco said...

Hey Gary
I had mentioned the mask in a promo bit and in talking with Ryan during the pre-show check he thought it would be cool and I thought it would just be for a brief opening segment--so a misunderstanding on my part.

I'm sure some percentage of VFTD readers don't know any more than what they've read here on the blog and it doesn't seem to be a big deal. As to peeps in paintball who could conceivably make my paintball life difficult, they generally know exactly who I am. The larger point though is that it's the content that counts.

Gary Baum said...

Hey Mr. Baca it all good….do you have an email or could you e mail me at ? I have some questions about some possible collaboration between our sites. Perhaps we can meet in Phoenix?