Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Suicide Watch: Special Update

In Tuesday's regular weekly update I questioned whether or not the new affiliates, AZPPL & WCPPL, might have an impact on PSP Phoenix participation given that registrations in the Race2-2 divisions is down compared to last year while the registrations for the format-formerly-known-as-xball is closer to last year's numbers.
First thing to take note of is very little crossover, a handful of teams are playing both, and most of those are out of the AZPPL (unsurprisingly.)
Also, the WCPPL has a very solid D2 Race2-5 division set to play the weekend of March 6,7 and 52 Race2-2 teams in D3 & D4. That's a lot of something where there was nothing before.
The timing and the numbers and the lack of crossover might suggest the PSP "lost" some teams to the affiliates but even if it cost the PSP a few teams this time around growth like that exhibited in the WCPPL certainly portends a better future.

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Saintanonachris said...

I doubt it. Think back to your earlier days in the sport and ask yourself this question. If an NPPL event was coming to town, did you not play it in favor of the local tournament series you're playing in? I know I didn't. The priority for the younger teams will always go to the big name tournament because that's the one that gives them bragging rights.