Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monday Poll in Review

I know. I'm late, I'm late for a not all that important post. Whatever. Y'all are just spoiled and it's not like I didn't post anything at all yesterday so get off my back. No, I'm not angry or hostile. No more than usual anyway. Back off.

Last week's Monday Poll was a two-parter. It asked if the announced venue for PSP Chicago, the Badlandz, would influence your decision to participate. 15% said it would. (85% said nope, no big deal.) Part two asked you to identify the level of Race 2 you play. I wanted to see a couple of things. First I was curious to try and put the "influenced" percentage into some context. As it turned out 26% of respondents play Race 2-2; 28% play Race 2-4; 30% play Race 2-5 and 15% play Race 2-7. 85% of respondents play D1 or lower in about equal numbers. So what does it mean?
Wait a second. You're jumping the gun. We're missing a piece. The difference between those that answered the question, part one, and those who identified their level of play in part two. About 15% that answered part one didn't answer part two.
What it means is up for grabs really because as usual this ain't no scientific sampling but even so--it is interesting that the percentage that answered part one in the negative is the same percentage who apparently don't play Race 2. At least that's one interpretation. Another is that 15% of respondents don't play period and the rest is coincidental.

I wanted to see what sort of results this question got because of the Phoenix turnout. I wondered if the result might give a clue what to expect next--in Chicago--but they really don't. My guess is Chi-town won't be down nearly as much. It's gonna be in the summer. No school. Plenty of time to get ready, save money--but if not at least we's got some extra numbers to add to the confusion.

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