Friday, March 19, 2010

Enlistments for the Week

World domination is just around the corner as VFTD welcomes the latest recruits to the Deadbox Puppet Army. This week's recruits expand our international brigade as we continue to see that paintball is an international language.

Thanks (and greetings) to Canarias Paintball, Tenerife Paintball & Junior Brown. (Google Tenerife, kids, if you don't know where it is. It's pretty cool.)
I'd like to use this opportunity to say a couple of things about Junior. I'm sure most of you know who he is. A Brit from Nexus who moved to Cali determined to be the best he could be among the best in the world and willing to do whatever it took. Today he's an integral part of XSV and owner of Baller's Cafe. Now I really only know Junior from paintball and truth is I've given him a dose of grief now and again (but only when he deserved it) but none of that is relevant. What is relevant is that Junior is that guy. The guy who is heart and soul committed to this game we play. He's also a symbol of what is possible and a model of tenacity for young players everywhere. For Junior and all those who aspire--enjoy the ride, the destination isn't that important.

Stay thirsty my friends

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