Monday, March 15, 2010

The Monday Poll

I gotta ask about the Chicago Open. Or more specifically, the location, the Badlandz.

It's two, two polls in one. Sorta. But not really. It's two polls but they are related. Poll number one asks the question. Will the location of this year's Chicago Open influence your decision to compete? The answer is either yes, or no.

The second poll doesn't ask any question. Instead, I'd like you to self-identify your likely level of participation; Race 2-2, Race 2-4 and so on. Between the two we'll get some idea of which group of competitive players are most (and least) likely to be put off by this year's location.

These polls don't answer themselves. If you don't participate nobody gets the answer. So, take a minute, click the old mouse a couple of times. Do it for the future of the game, do it for the kids.

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