Friday, March 12, 2010

The Latest Recruits

VFTD welcomes the most recent recruits to the Deadbox Puppet Army. (Yes, this feature is normally called Enlistments of the Week but since I missed last week--I do so have a good excuse--roadtrip to Cali for practice--I needed something more all-purpose.)

The DBSKidz signed up collectively (some are also onboard individually) with so y'all can see what they're up in the Great Northwest whenever you'd like. Thanks to one and all.
Holliday signed on the dotted line when his Pro*file appeared recently--better late than never. (What, no picture, that's not the Holliday I know.)
Next is Shon Saucedo who is playing for X-Factor Pro this season and played with Strange in the past. Thanks Shon and good luck--unless, you know, you're playing us.
And completing this week's list is tsqpaintball. It's a grand gesture as Mick is already a member of the DPA and his T-Square blog (see sidebar) is dueling VFTD for recruits. Thanks, Mick.

Until next time--Puppets Who Kill

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