Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Poll in Review

Last week's question (Where do you get the most satisfactory competitive paintball experience for the money?) garnered some not unexpected but nonetheless interesting responses when taken as a whole. The same percentage voted local as voted national (29% v. 28%) while nearly 40% voted regional. The part I found most interesting was the strong preference at the local and regional level to compete in a series. And that the trend did not continue at the national level with a majority voting event instead of series. This suggests a couple of things to me. Competition players are competitive (d'oh!) and the option that provides the greatest challenge is the preferred choice except... Except when? Except, for example, when the cost becomes prohibitive; ie: the national level. (Or, the level of competition is deemed to be to good?) (Are there D2 teams that won't play national level events regardless of resources because it might be "too hard?") I want to say competition players play to the level they can attain based on the resources they can muster--but I'm not altogether convinced that's true.
So, as usual the Monday Poll is intriguing but inconclusive, being unscientific and all, but don't let that put you off. We learn daily that much of what is called science these days isn't particularly scientific either.

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