Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pro*file: Johnny Thompson

Name: Johnny Thompson
Age: 20
Hometown: Chilliwack, its a small town so everyone has dirt on everyone.
Occupation: Trying to find a way to live the dream, and if that doesn't work then a 5 to 9 crab in the bucket forever.
Family: my younger brother Tommy, two dogs.
General interests other than paintball: going to the gym with my bro Tyler. He's a personal trainer; his knowledge and intensity has inspired me to stay in shape so I can keep improving as a player. Kicking it with friends, video games, drinking beers & the UFC. Long walks on the riverside, chasing good girls.

1. What was your first paintball experience and who introduced you to the game?
When I was 13 my friend Tyler invited me to his birthday party at Snipers Paintball. After bunkering someone for the first time i was hooked.

2. What team do you play for now?
Edmonton Impact

3. What teams have you played for in the past?
Little Snipers, Insanity, Reflex, Vancouver Shock

4. What role do you play on your current team?
I play the snake because Justin Cornell said I could!

5. Who are your favorite paintball players?
Justin Cornell, Josh Davey, Chad Busiere, Dan Holiday, Ryan Moorhead.

6. What’s your best paintball experience or memory?
PSP LA Open '07 semi pro because it was my first event with Impact. I was on the bench at the start but one of the guys got hurt during the first match, long story short I got to play the whole time after that and we won the gold in overtime.

7. What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve done in order to play paintball?
I missed my graduation but no regrets, I rather make a lil money and travel for free.

8. What is the single most important lesson the up and comer needs to learn?
I think we all know practice makes perfect but aside from that never forget where you came from and the people who helped you along the way, always show respect because it takes you a long way. I've made mistakes just like anybody else, just better yourself from it. Most of all be a solider out there and never give up, remember it's a team sport so never let your friends down, just keep persevering.

9. What keeps you playing paintball?
I love everything about it from diving to gun fighting, shooting people and hearing the crowds reaction, traveling with the team. But the best part is winning and seeing the smiles and just knowing you won because you believed in yourself and your boys.

10. Do you (or any of your teammates) have any superstitions related to playing paintball? If not could you make up something that sounds good?
I always listen to Eminem before I play. Thanks, Paul. And I would like to thank my sponsors; Ecplise, RPS,, Paintball Assassin, Exalt, PBNation, NXE & Paintball Action Games.


Anonymous said...

Looks like he's cut an ex-girlfriend out of his profile picture - or a current girl, that he's a little ahamed of maybe...

Baca Loco said...

I crop all the photos sent in to focus on the player.

Don Saavedra said...

I'm the girlfriend in the first comment.