Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ask Baca

No beating around the bush. No clever misdirection or subterfuge. This time. I was reading the Sports Guy yesterday--as I often do--and it struck me, not for the first time, what a sweet gig it is to do columns responding to reader questions, comments, etc. And I want in. Look, I confess--content is hard. Especially when you promise not to do some stuff. For example, there's a burning question I really want to ask about Dynasty and T4 but it could possibly be construed as sorta disrespectful so ... it's a no go.

That means I need your help. I need questions--any old sort of paintball or paintball-related questions you can come up with will be fantastic. And instead of you guys commenting on my posts you can send me your opinions for my comment. What'd'ya think? This could be your big break. It'll be fun. So help a poor tired blogger out, okay? I got a new toy today--a compact camcorder--and you know, could be I'll do some special video features for VFTD--but only if I have the time. Ya feel me?


papa chad said...

Do you feel we have hit the competitive skill ceiling?

If we have, do you think the skill ceiling should be higher?

Mike said...

What have teams done differently this year to help them rise to the top? (ie Damage, Impact, Infamous). I want your opinion, not the vanilla answer of player pickups or whatever.

be smart said...

Yes Mr Loco, 'be smart' from the Paintball Gazette here. . . Recently we have seen several Pro teams make adjustments to their rosters (Ironmen adding SK to coach, Dynasty adding 2 players). . would you care to comment on how roster changes can affects a team's dynamic in mid season?

be smart said...

Uh 'be smart' here again. . .What were your thoughts when earlier this week an article in declared you to be "the best coach in the game"?

And a follow up question:

Has it changed your coaching philosophy in how you approach the game??

be smart said...

LET GO OF MY ARM!! NO Im not leaving, I was told I would be allowed three questions. . .

Mr. Loco sir. .please if I may:

Could you walk us thru the decision making process for picking up a player to play Pro ball? How much value does 'chemistry' factor in as opposed to skill?

eb trams said...

'eb trams' here Baca. . .

With several teams hanging on by a thread this season, what do you see as a sustainable number of Pro teams for next year?

VFTD Press Secretary said...


Baca please disregard the question just submitted from 'eb'trams'. . .that vagrant 'be smart' was attempting to sneak a fourth question in.


Baca Loco said...

Thanks to chad & Mike for getting the ball rolling and be smart for kicking it a block down the street.
As for the rest of you don't be intimidated by the quality of the questions so far. Anything and everything paintball is fair game. Post here or anytime the urge strikes drop me an email.

be smart said...

Jjust looking for the scoup my man. Really Baca, its a great idea, while kidding with
the context, i'd like to hear your take.

Don Saavedra said...

Here's a question more in the spirit of Bill Simmons' readers:

How many times can Johnny Perchack retire before we start making Brett Favre comparisons?

Baca Loco said...

You are the Man. There, I said it--and I meant it--at least for the time it took to type. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Going back to the recent Pro Paintball article that declared you as "the best coach in the game"...What exactly does it take to be the best? Also, can you name the more noteworthy other coaches of today and talk more about the role of a professional coach?

Anonymous said...

What makes a tourney series successful nowadays? Is there even such a thing?

Anonymous said...

why do balls break on target but not in the gun?
why do M&Ms melt in your mouth and not in your hand?
the universal why. you know - life, the universe and everything. Just - WHY?

66 said...

This post is old, i hope i will have your opinion about a Real question !
Lets talk about technical skills.

SnapShooting is one of the Key skills for a player. But if you ask to ten (pro or not) players to explain it, you will have ten versions of snapshooting.

There is only one good way to shoot a basketball, only one to catch a golf club, only one to Jump High or run fast.
(just some very few variations)

I can't believe paintball is different.
There is for sure only one good way to shapshot !!!

Why so much difference between snapshot of all the players ? Whole body moving or Upper body rotation ?
Who got the good one, and when the whole world of paintball will learn and train this basic skill the same way ?

A lot of questions haha, sorry for the langage :p