Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Major League Paintball Weekly Update

With PSP Chicago in the rearview mirror it's time to focus on the upcoming late summer events. PSP MAO (with the offset A) is set for the weekend of Aug. 13-15. Registration is open and currently 58 Race 2-X teams are signed up along with 16 Race 2-2 teams. Next time the league might want to reconsider the payment schedule deadlines as the first one passed almost before registration opened. With basically a month to register and pay it might have encouraged a few extra teams if there had been a little more time to get a bottom tier payment in. Or maybe not. Registration is set to officially close end of July.
PSP west coast affiliate league the WCCPL has cancelled their scheduled event #3. Despite release of an official statement no reason for the cancellation was given.

NPPL's DC Challenge is scheduled for the weekend prior to the PSP's MAO, the 6-8 of August. It otherwise remains something of a mystery. This is the second year Pev's Paintball Park in Aldie, Va, will host the DC Challenge. The league's website claims there will be an All-Star game (or games) as well as the opening of a Paintball Hall of Fame but so far no additional details have been forthcoming. And, to date, there has been no information released on registered teams in any division.

In Euroland the MS completed their Campaign Cup event with nary a hitch and early reports suggest it may have been the most successful event of the season for the Millennium. This was the first year in recent memory that Campaign was held during the summer months and that move has pushed the season ending Paris event into early October leaving the league with a three month gap. It will be interesting to see if the lag or the change of schedule have any effect.

According to not so Grand Tour actual information--as opposed to not actual information?--Lviv was such a rousing success the Austrian organizers of the next event will be pulling out all the stops and offering a truly unique event. Registration to date in four divisions stands at 23 teams for the Vienna event taking place the weekend of July 24-25.

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