Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Major League Paintball Weekly Update

Short and to the point today. (More posts coming.)
The not so Grand Tour will be hosting an event in Vienna this coming weekend and there are currently 35 total teams registered. Players will have the opportunity to compete in a 1 on 1 tourney and are also being invited by a sponsor to try laser tag. By comparison the NPPL should be feeling like world beaters.

The MS Paris event isn't until October so there's plenty of time for the board to work out the tangled mess they've made of Asian relations lately. 10 unlocked division teams are registered to date. Additionally, for all you Euro-types who would like to have a word with the Millennium board I've got the next best thing for you. Over at P8ntballer Robbo is soliciting gripes, suggestions, comments & complaints as he has been invited to the next MS board meeting where he will address the board with the most pressing and universal items posted in this thread. Here's your chance.

In the PSP registered team numbers have been creeping up the last week with 76 teams registered for Race 2-X divisions and 23 Race 2-2 divisions. Race 2-2 remains weak but a turnout above 80 would be less of a decline than experienced in Phoenix this year. By comparison the drop in Chicago over last year's Race 2-X teams was around 3%. Planning ahead it might be in the league's interest to open Cup registration as early as possible and consider incentivizing Race 2-2 participation in order to encourage the biggest turnout possible.

The NPPL DC Challenge is the weekend before the PSP's MAO event, August 6-8, and will apparently feature an All*Star match-up of some sort as well as the introduction of the first Hall of Fame inductees in a related ceremony. No word on who will be making the Hall of Fame decisions and no details yet on the format of the All*Star match-up. In any event it appears the event will be modestly attended with current registrations for non-Pro teams still under 50 total teams. This event will also feature the return of Arsenal to the Pro division.

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