Friday, July 2, 2010

Campaign Cup field design update

Hit the title for a link to check out the original post's analysis & predictions. Play began today and of the 66 matches played across the three divisions that compete in a Race 2-4 format 16 have gone to time. That's nearly 25%. By comparison, in Bitberg there were 102 Race 2-4 format prelim matches with only 7 that went to time (not including any carry over matches from Malaga.) So far the numbers substantiate the prediction that the CC layout would encourage defensive play.


Pinki NTT said...

I disagree Baca, the field offers plenty of opportunity to move, but because there are so many options, many teams are too scared to push hard and go for the fast points.

Baca Loco said...

And you may disagree all you want hypothetically but in point of fact my predictions were accurate. I never said it couldn't be played faster--I said it wouldn't be. And I've been watching some CPL videos as well and even they are frequently slow playing it.
Look at in terms of risk versus reward, Pinki. Indeed, there are options but those options mostly offer more ways to die than to kill.