Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NPPL All^Star Game

Is a go. Notification went out in an email blast overnight and has been posted to the league's website as well. (Title link) The format will be modified Super 7. What that means is unclear as no further explanation is given. Apparently Alex Fraige was chosen to captain the West by his peers and Josh Davey will Captain the East--but no word on how he got that assignment. Voting is now open for the Eastern Conference players until the 22nd--so you've got about a week to cast your votes. You may choose up to two players per team. In fact you are required to vote for at least one player from each team. Now it could be I just don't understand what voting for my favorites means but I was under the impression it didn't include arbitrary limitations or compulsory votes in order for my picks to count--but apparently it does.
What are you waiting for? Vote for (some of) your favorites now and, er, some other guys.


Mike said...

Just a thought of the format...
My guess is it will be X7 Format. This was used as a format for the first time (as far as I know) at the Canadian Triple Crown event last month in Salmon Arm, BC. Feedback was generally positive and I'll copy/paste the rules below so you can get an idea of it... Essentially 7-man Race to 3.

"X7 Format Details

X7 format basic rules

Teams play on a 7Man layout with 7 Players on the field for each point.
A MAX of 7 Players play each and every point. A max of 9 players on a roster.

The match is a RACE to 3, with a 15min time limit

The Match time is stopped every flag hang (center flag) and the hanging team earns a point.
Switch over time of 2 minutes between each point.
A team will win the match by scoring 3 hangs, or by leading the match as time expires

A team earns 3 points for a win before time expires.
2 points for a time limit win. A team will receive 1 point for a tie game.

Penalties will be the same as regular 5Man.

Automatic point if a team is assessed and MAJOR penalty. (3 for 1).

In addition a team will play short a player for one point if they are assessed a double minor (2 for 1)"

Baca Loco said...

Thanks, Mike
Sounds like a good guess. There's been talk about a hybrid 7-man kinda thing for a few years. Interesting that somebody has finally done something about it.

Anonymous said...

Josh davey is as East Coast as I am. In fact I could argue that I am more east coast that he is, and I'm not even American....

Anonymous said...

But then nor is he, he's west coast Canadian...

Baca Loco said...

You've heard of the new math? It's the new geography.
Vendetta is Eastern Conference too.