Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wait a minute

I'm confused. (Surprised? Me too. This almost never happens. That I'm confused. It's probably the effects of the heat & sun. It is b-r-u-t-a-l brutal outside.) Anyway I was catching up on the latest--and I do mean latest--from the NPPL. The league is going the extra mile to make the DC Challenge an entertaining event, which is awesome, and it would be even awesomer (if that was really a word) if perceived entertainment value made more potential customers dig deep for those major league entry fees. I'm not holding my breath or crossing my fingers. There's a BBQ on Thursday night. (Is Pev bringing in extra porta-johns?) No cover for the Saturday night players party, All Star awards and UFC 117--you know I'm there for that. The brand spanking new Hall of Fame. Just past the men's room at Pev's on the left or so I hear. But now I hear that two, possibly three Pro teams are gonna be no-shows for DC. Will their All*Stars participate? Will anybody care? Will the All*Stars know who they are before the event? And what effect will it have on the prelims & Sunday schedule, if any?


i'm getting old said...

who cares about the NPPL? really... they have about the same amount of teams as your local tourney. So if you want to pay about 5 times the entree fee to see a so called All Star Game, be my guest. I'll be having a BBQ with my friends at my local field.
I don't care about feeding schmuck and his crew. (hoops, typo...)
For $2000, I hope you guys will get filet mignon & lobster!

Bring back the Brits and I might consider playing 7Man.

Baca Loco said...

That's mostly the problem, isn't it?

You are getting old. The Brits bailed after they lost their shirts but before they lost their knickers. (Thank goodness.) (This is where Missy offers a rebuttal--)

Don Saavedra said...

I hate it when my ideas get done without me... And poorly.