Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Poll in Review

Okay, that didn't work out too well--although I appreciate the effort from those who commented. I was planning on doing this week's The Monday Poll on an actual vote to pick the first class of the VFTD Tournament Paintball Hall of Fame and to simplify the process I was intending to limit the nominees to potentially deserving players who no longer play. However, after reviewing the candidates put forward it is woefully thin. Don't get me wrong--lots of good players but also so many seemingly forgotten players that even for something as frivolous as a VFTD Hall of Fame I'm not satisfied with the way it would have turned even though the result would probably have chosen some worthy recipients. (Link to original post in the title.)
Instead I'm going to treat this more seriously and invite y'all to continue putting nominees forward--either in comments or via email and if you think a nominee might be too obscure some background would be appreciated. If this eventually works out VFTD will elect an inaugural class for the VFTD Tournament Hall of Fame that VFTD will link to and that will (hopefully) include photos and a paintball bio brief as a modest record and recognition of the great players of the game. It's really up to y'all.

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