Monday, July 26, 2010

New Look ProPaintball

No doubt you've already been there seen that but if you haven't the title is a link to the latest--ProPaintball's first pro teams power ranking of the season. Go check it out and let them know where they got it wrong--and right.


Reiner Schafer said...

"With the best coach in the league, Paul Richards..."

Were there alterior motives for sending the puppet army to check out this website? Just wondering.

J-Bird said...

lol reiner -- but on a serious note:
2nd place PHX
2nd place CHI
2nd place overall PSP (by 1.82 points; leading third place by 11.81 pts). Next most consistent team is Xfactor (7th place). Also a win in 7 man lol.

speaks volumes for a program -- not just good players, but also good coaching, organization, and general support staff.

papa chad said...

aftershock at 6?



Baca Loco said...

No, Reiner, but there were ulterior motives. ProPaintball is dedicated to the competitive player so it's my kind of place. But I gotta say I was more surprised than you. I saw we were three and stopped reading so I could send the boys a nasty email.